I'm Ben

a web developer

  • javascript
  • html
  • mern
  • mongodb
  • MySQL
  • nodeJS
  • npm_logo
  • React
  • sass
  • bootstrap
  • css3
  • express
  • github
  • handlebars

Sabre-Chat is an app built as a social media alternative for the members of my Jiujitsu gym. The app allows users to post videos and pictures, comment on posts, check-in to the gym using a QR scanning webcam on a gym side portal and allows administrators to track who checked in and at which location in a provided log.

Check it out Github Repo

Parking-Pal connects users who need parking to hosts that have parking for rent. Customers can find and reserve parking places anywhere by serching in their preffered region. My role in a group of 4 was to create a front end using ReactJS, SASS/CSS, JavaScript and the GoogleMaps API. Specifically, I created the landing page, the mapping page, and all of the geolocation components. I also ensured the app was completely mobile responsive.

Check it out Github Repo
parking pals
simple suds

SimpleSuds connects customers to local laundromats that will pick up and return laundry clean, ironed, and folded. Customer can create accounts and place orders and Laudromat as admin can update the order. This was a group project using MVC. My role was the frontend development. I used handlebars.JS for HTML templating and combined it with Bootstrap and vanilla CSS.

Check it out Github Repo

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